Sarah Berdoza

Head Coach / Gym Owner / Nutritionist

My name is Sarah Berdoza and gymnastics has been my passion since I was introduced to the sport as a young child. I competed on the club gymnastics team at Texas Tech with Coach Ally where the motto was “For the love of the sport.”

I believe that each child we coach can learn to love the sport as I do while pushing themselves to their highest potential both physically and mentally. I was a gymnast for almost 20 years, have coached for over 13 years and currently hold a level 10 rating as a judge for USA Gymnastics.

At Texas Tech, I studied nutrition as an undergraduate and sports health in graduate school. When designing our curriculum for classes, Coach Ally and I wish to take all of our combined experiences and create the best atmosphere possible for each child to reach their full potential. It is my goal to create young men and women who can grow into leaders in our community.

Coach Sarah Berdoza